How it works?

There is always a way to get money quick
Simple Approval Process

Step One:

Fill in an application form
on our website

Application so simple it takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Quick turnaround. Same day approval

Step Two:

Our manager will contact you
to clear up the details

Make a request on our website and wait for response to e-mail within 15-30
minutes from the time of the request during business hours. 

Step Three:

Receive your money in the most
convenient way in 24 hours

Merchants Cash Advance could be deposited into your account within 24 hours. Its that fast

Non-Traditional Financing Options

Sometimes it takes a different approach to meet a business’ financing needs. There are a number of options from micro-loans to funding sources that won’t even be described as a small business loan.


Uphold Advance is the right choice for you because:


We are a flexible lender specializing in small dollar loans.


We offer flexible payment options for our customers.


We provide fast, friendly and efficient service.

honest and trustworthy

We deliver immediate, reliable and secure service

No Hassle

The application process is simplified so that customers can get their loan faster.


We value our customers–we understand the loyalty of our customers.